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Welcome to Sunshine Private College (SPC) Teacher Education Department (TED)

SPC-TED is a Namibian Legal Entity which wish to be registered as an Higher Education Institution of choice in Namibia that will pride itself in the nurturing of leading global standard intellectuals who possess a distinct quality of knowledge, commitment and proficiency that empowers them to critically reflect, analyse, discuss and debate with a high degree of confidence while addressing major issues in their line of qualification.

Quality Education
To offer an effective and quality teacher education which meet the needs of Namibia and beyond.
Teacher Development
Develop an active, adaptive and professional teacher who is able to balance classroom activities and research.
Science and Technology
Produce a teacher who is both scientifically and technologically empowered for socio-economic transformation.


Since education in Namibia is heavily subsidised by the Government of the Republic of Namibia, the increased enrolment demands greater the number of qualified teachers. This search for quality and relevance in education necessitates a continuous review of pre-service teacher education and training. There is also need to replace retiring teachers and fill the gap due to natural attrition.

This, together with a high demand for continuing education, calls for a tailored programme that provides the desired quality teachers and an opportunity for professional development. Thus, SPC intends to develop and offer a Bachelor of Education: Primary School Honours (Level 8). This qualification shall take full cognisance of this aspiration and provides pre-service student teachers with real world situations, various techniques of teaching, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences that prepare them to meet challenges in the fields of Teaching and Learning Process. Holders of this qualification will be most suited for employment as graduate primary school teachers.  The envisaged qualification shall also seek to prepare candidates for further education.

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